The cat
We heard it mewing on the doorstep, so we opened the door, thinking he was hungry. But he was not. There was something wrong with him. He kept writhing and crawling on the ground, mewing plaintively, agonising. Then, we saw some red spots on his coat. They were perfectly round, deep dark but still a very vivid red, as big as small coins and very numerous. It was impossible to tell whether they were part of his skin, on top of it or under it. They seemed to live a life of their own.
Then, we noticed something else. The cat had nearly stopped writhing, he was just lying on his side, moaning quite humanely and a sort of radiance was all around him. At first we didn't see what it was, but after a while we understood that, in fact, the cat was shrinking in size, melting, and that the increasing radiance was just the melting away, the evaporation. It made us feel uncomfortable. The cat's face, which was still visible, had a sort of desperate look that really appealed to us, asking for help and pity, but we couldn't do anything, we couldn't move, couldn't even speak. Then we noticed, and that increased our anguish a great deal, that the colour of what was left of the cat was changing from light brown to that deep radiant red. And it shrank faster and faster, and it was impossible to say now that it had been a cat. It was still moving very slightly but it was much more like a big red worm than anything else.
And then, we saw the butterflies. At first, we didn't know they were butterflies. They were just orange flakes appearing in the distance and we were fascinated by what was happening to the cat so, we did not pay attention to them at that moment. The cat was now just a red patch on the ground, surrounded by a halo of brightness such as those visible on an over-heated road on a sunny summer day. We watched the patch grow smaller and smaller until it was not bigger than a coin itself, feeling such an anguish that we couldn't speak at all and we just squeezed each other's hand as hard as we could. Then, all of a sudden, it disappeared completely leaving nothing but a shiny pool of nothingness. And then, the butterflies came one after the other and settled there, feeding on the disappeared cat, their enormous veil-like wings fluttering, big black orange squarish wings with tiny black polka-dots on them.
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