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The Silver Lining
The sea
Black sun
My rose
Island in the mist
 Beautiful, beautiful day
Four short poems
My patience
Clear water
 Missing you
To my sons

The Silver Lining
Like shreds of golden muslin in a salmon sky
Like a thin ribbon of smoke, like a silent sigh,
My love for you is tearing my heart.

Like a silver lining around a long grey cloud,
Like a tired rose, like a winter afternoon,
My love for you is tearing my  heart.


The sea
The sea is music to me
It is the smell of fish in the harbour
It is the wind blowing in my hair
And tiny drops of foam wetting my lips.

It is sunshine and rain together
A sweet and sour breeze, a chilly warm wind
The cries of seagulls in their curving flight
And opal colours and light.

It is a calm beach at sunset
When the sand is so smooth
And when  the silent waves bring
Treasures to the shore, starfish and pearls.

The sea is music and hope
It comes back in my dreams
With mermaids and corals
It comes back like the tide
Again, every night.

déc. 1998

Black sun
Black sun of my love,
Whenever you shine,
The night exhales
The perfumes of my heart,
The music of desire.

Black sun of my love
When you forget to shine
The day never seems to end
And I feel I'm dying
Amid drops of lead.

Black sun of my life
Shine for me tonight
On the land of my dreams
On visions of the stars
In my broad daylight.

  My Rose
I've lost my rose, I don't know where
Is it gone for good or has it just strayed away ?
It used to be pure and simple, fragrant and proud.
Rosy petals opened slowly in the sunshine
Slowly they closed at night and shrouded
My dreams in their silky cloak.

Day after day, it brightened my life
Sometimes it was near, sometimes it was far
But it was always there, all the time.
I could see it and sometimes I could touch it
I could smell its perfume.
It was so soft and so firm that my fingers trembled.

But now it's gone or hidden somewhere.
Perhaps someone came and took it away
Leaving me in a foggy senseless nowhere
With no horizon and no sky,
No limit, no envy, no joy and no pain.
                                                                                                      october 1998

        Painting by Roberto Juarez
Island in the mist
In the middle of a deep dark river
There is an island of silence.
All around, the whirling waters rush
All around this island of light.
I am there with you alone
And the dark waters vanish,
I am there, caught by your brown eyes,
And the river ceases to be.
It is an island, just for us
It can appear anywhere.
A fairy with a magic wand
Calls it when you want it to be,
Calls it, just for you and me.

Photo Agnes Rodier

Beautiful, beautiful day
Sometimes it is only sunshine,
But sometimes, as the rain pours down,
The air becomes so light, so easy to breathe.

Sometimes dreams come true.
Not the foolish dreams of a thirsty heart,
But the sweet quiet dreams of a contented soul.

Sometimes the world is perfect
Not perfect like heaven that cannot be
But perfect like a job that's been done,
Like a morning bird,
Like a song for you.

Janvier 1999

O'Keefe, Red Poppy

A play on the words: dawn, twilight, passion, crimson and pale
Hello, Ronsard

Pale and rosy, dawn begins the day
Rosebuds open their petals on the way
But at noon, the full passion flower
Already fears the twilight crimson hour.

Youth is eternal

   Rosy dawn, pale twilight,
   My flowers open in delight.
   Passion burns its crimson pages
   And my blood forever rages.

      The 60's 

Dawn and dew and twilight time 
Music dreams and passion lives 
Pale young men of crimson blood 
Flowers blooming all around

 I remember you

Don't give me your flowers,
Their crimson passion hurts
My memories of day and dawn,
Of pale twilights, of love my own.


In a world of sweet twilight melodies
I dreamed I was missing you, crying for you.
An angel promised me heaven,
Butterfly wings and translucent skies,
But I said:
Heaven is nothing if it is not you.


My Patience

You'll never know all my science,
The long hours, the grey afternoons,
My solitude, my patience.
You'll never know the empty silence
The birds singing through my blue moods,
The dreams at dawn, your absence.
Clear water
For you, I'm clear water.
You can see all the rocks and the stones
And feel the cool caress of crystal.
For you, I'm an open book
You don't even have to read
You know all the pages by heart.

For me, you're a solid wall.
It's strong like a fortress
But I know what there is inside :
A dark forest full of noises
Full of the cries of beautiful animals
Moving slowly among the foliage,
A high snowy peak piercing the blue,
A pure mountain above a sea of clouds,
An eagle eye of pale green light,
A nook in a silent recess,
The softness and the scent of fur,
Warm sweet blood vibrating
                               And clear water.

Missing You

Missing you is like not having light,
It's like reaching out for air,
Searching for warmth in a blizzard,
Straining my eyes to see, so far,
In the middle of the night, a star,
Never again to be seen, hidden ,
Gone, perhaps, for ever more.

Yes, it's like feeling all alone
On a deserted island, it's like death
Until I can see you again.


My darling one, my pearl, my sunlight,
Fate wanted to take you away,
But you beat him at his cruel game.
You've grown so strong and so bright,
There is so much in your heart,
You give so much of yourself,
The world is waiting for you.
I love you.

My jewel, my song, my great Viking,
Life is pulsating in your music,
Worlds are building up in your mind,
The strength of your certitude shines quietly,
As you make people happy all around you.
I love you.                                                                              1997

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