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Since 1992, Hexham, a small town in the north of England, has become Noyon's twin town together with Metzingen. It is a triangular twinning. Indeed it is in Metzingen, in 1989, that Bertrand Labarre, Mayor of Noyon, met David Oliver, then chairman of the twinnig commitee.

If Hexham is not so well known by the continental tourists, it has however many assets. Very close to Newcastle, a great city of one million inhabitants, it is surrounded by the green hills of Northumberland and is the closest town to Hadrian's wall.
Lle mur d'Hadrien
A portion of the wall can be recognized here. It used to protect the Roman Empire from the barbarians of the north, the Picts, ancestors of the Scots, and it was the limit of the Roman influence in the north. All around Hexham, the countryside is beautiful, wild and romantic. 

The town itself is really lively. All sorts of shops and stores, located around its splendid abbey,attract the inhabitants of Hexham and those of the neighbouring villages. There are also many English tourists who come to visit the Wall and the Roman Museums in the area. Besides, numerous stately houses and gardens can be visited too.

Les activités de jumelage

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In fact, since the beginning of the 90's, the contacts between Noyon and Hexham have been frequent and very warm. Every other year, a party from Hexham visits Noyon and the year after, a party from Noyon goes to Hexham. These (unfortunately) short trips are open to all the inhabitants of the two towns and of their neighbouring villages. To join, it is very simple, just contact the "Comité de Jumelage Noyon-Hexham, Hôtel de Ville, 60400 Noyon" or David Hindley, Hexham's Town Twinning secretary at davidbookbinder@yahoo.co.uk

The participants are hosted by families and numerous and strong friendships have developed. Indeed, a real network of friendships including, of course, people from Metzingen is now linking the three towns. Many people in Noyon have friends in both towns, friends who often know each other too.

 And this is what town twinning is all about : to develop friendships beyond borders.


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