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New York City
Here  are some of my old pictures of NYC
New York seems kind of quiet in my pictures. this is probably because that's how I like it best
(you can click on the pictures to enlarge them)

A trip on the ferry
The Park, some streets

The World Trade Center seen from Battery Park
Manhattan seen from Liberty Island

The Trump Tower
The Fountain

The TrumpTower

The Dakota, the building where John Lennon lived

Ellis Island seen from the ferry
St Patrick

Greenwhich village

In the Ellis Island museum, a wall of faces belongeing to all the races on earth

The skyline of the tip of Manhattan seen from a building in 31st street

Hot dog stand

When you look at it from adifferent angle, it becomes the American flag

The World Financial Center seen from the World Trade Center

A nicely tagged wall

Mounted police
One of the towers of the World Trade Center

A limousine



And if you want to know everything about NYC,
where to go, where to stay, what to do, click here:

You can also visit  Didier Forray's site.
It's beautiful and very complete and will show you all sorts of aspects of New York.
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