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The 10th Anniversary
Noyon, Easter 2002
Hexham, Easter 2003
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Easter 2002, Noyon, Friday, March, 29th.
The two presidents test the bench, offered by the twinning association  to the town of Noyon before it all starts.

Friday, April 18th 2003.
 Somewhere between Calais end DoverOne of the first pleasures of the trip: the open sea

The Noyon shop-keepers have honored our guests by displaying English products and French products that may attract the English.
It's nice to take a break on the way, walk around a little and have a good sandwhich before getting back on the coach for the last stretch.
Arrival, official receptions and ceremonies
In Hexham

Friday evening: Arrival at the Mart in Hexham.
It's nice to have something fresh to drink after having met our English friends

We are heartily welcomed by Ingrid Whale, Deputy Mayor. The town of Noyon is representedby Marc Moyat, Deputy Mayor.
 Noyon, March 30th, 2002, in the morning

At the request of Michael Way, mayor of Hexham, the morning starts at the English and French military cemetaries where fresh flowers and wreathes are brought to the cenotaphs. We spend a moment sadly thinking of all these people killed in vain, in the great butchery of the First World War.

Then the two mayors officially open the Hexham roudabout. The coat-of-arms of the two towns can be seen from a great distance by the hundreds of motorists who pass there everyday.

Now the mayors and the presidents of the two committees have the priviledge to sit on the bench offered by the Hexham Town Twinning Association. It has been installed by the technical services of Noyon the preceding day in the garden of the "Rue deParis". It is indeed a strong and comfortable bench.

In the "Jardin des Tanneurs", the mayors and presidents are at work again. An English oak tree is planted as a present from the Town of Hexham.

In a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, some short speeches and many presents are exchanged at the Town Hall.

In Hexham, on Sunday, April 20th, 2003 at lunch time

Micheal and Carol Way are standing with Marc, who represents the rown of Noyon. Michael Way, The Mayor of Hexham, is carrying the rose tree offered by the Noyon Town Twinning Committee to the Town of Hexham

In Noyon, on Saturday, March, 30th, 2002

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the twinning, the two most important musical associations of Noyon, the Harmony and the Virelai, combine their talents to offer our English guests and the Noyonese a wonderful, free concert. 

In Hexham, on Saturday, April, 19th, 2003

Concert in memory of Bertrand Labarre

Before the beginning of the concert dedicated to his memory, David Oliver pays a vibrant tribute to Bertrand Labarre. On stage the Harmonie of Noyon. The musicians have been invited by the twinning committee in Hexham and will play a second time for a short gig on the Sunday evening.

After the Harmonie who played a very lively, mostly Anglo-Saxon repertoire, we listen to the Hexham Orpheus choir who beautifully sing French music to us and finally to the Haydon Bridge community Orchestra whose shirts are something to remember and whose sound is definitely rock-and-roll.

Guided visits 
In Noyon, it is Tom Corfe who explains to the English people what our exhibition, put up in 2001 for the first time, is all about. Indeed it is mostly thanks to his work and under his supervision that it has been possible to present the history of Hexham to the Noyonese.
In Hexham, at home, Tom is the guide once again. With his usual talent and enthusiasm, he is showing around the town those who had never visited it before, or those who wanted to visit it again. Brigitte is providing the translation for the non-English speakers.
Free visists 
Sunday, March, 31st
No, no, no, there is no confusion of story or century. Contrarily to appearances, we are in Amiens where these magnificent "grognards" or Napoleon's Old Guard celebrate the ephemeral peace of , known as the Peacr of Amiens.
Some splendid English grenadiers, in their red uniforms, have even crossed the Channel on the occasion.
Sunday, April, 20th
This time, no mistake, we are in the 21st century and in Newcastle on top of that. The Millenuim Bridge crosses the Tyne in front of the Baltic, the new Centre for Contemporarry Art and we're going to visit it. It was built inside nicely renovated old flour mills. The ambition of Newcastle is to become the cultural capital of the North.

There, you see! It is Amiens and its funny clock.

The Millenium Bridge, seen from the top of the  Baltic.

Saturday, March 30th, 2002

Sunday, March 31st, 2002
Sunday, April 20th, 2003

Sunday, April 20th, 2003

Let's dance, now!
Saturday, March 30th, at the end of the meal. 
It took quite a while for us to start dancing, but it seems that the disco music is enjoyed by most. 
The Harmonie musicians disover the great pleasures of the ceilidh. And for the second or third time, the twinning people dance on the music of Over the Moon and love it!
And finally the group photo before we go
Most of these pictures were made by Pierre Bocquet, Jacques de Franssu, David Oliver and Maurice Debailleux. 
But some were taken by Mathieu Rouault, Danielle Esposito, Jocelyne Moyat, etc.
Design and picture editing : Danielle Esposito

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